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Satyanarayan pooja invitation message for whatsapp

If you’re planning on hosting a Satyanarayan Pooja ceremony at your home, then it’s important to invite your loved ones in a way that conveys the significance and auspiciousness of the occasion. WhatsApp is a convenient and quick way to send invitations to your friends and family. Here’s a sample invitation message that you can use for your Satyanarayan Pooja ceremony:

Dear Friends and Family,

We are delighted to invite you to join us for a Satyanarayan Pooja ceremony at our home. The ceremony will take place on [date] at [time]. The Satyanarayan Pooja is an auspicious occasion where we pray to Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings for good health, wealth, and prosperity.

We would be honored if you could join us on this special day and be a part of our celebrations. Please come dressed in traditional Indian attire and bring your love and blessings.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing this joyous occasion with you.

Warm Regards,

[Your Name]

Satyanarayan pooja invitation ९९ only 

Feel free to personalize the invitation message by adding your own touches and including any additional information, such as the address or any specific instructions for the event. Sending out a thoughtful invitation is a great way to make your loved ones feel valued and appreciated, and it can also help build excitement for the ceremony.

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