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I miss you in Konkani language

To say “I miss you” in Konkani, you can say:

  • Mhaka tuzo ugdaas yeta. (formal)
  • Tuzo ugdass korta. (informal)

Both phrases literally mean “Your sadness comes to me.”

Here are some examples of how to use these phrases in a sentence:

  • Tumi na aile ka, mhaka tuzo ugdaas yeta. (I miss you when you’re not here.)
  • Mog tujea, tuzo ugdass korta. (I love you and miss you.)

You can also add more emphasis to your message by saying:

  • Mhaka tuzo khub ugdaas yeta. (I miss you very much.)
  • Tuzo ugdass korta, korta, korta… (I miss you so much, so much, so much…)

I hope this helps!

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